Adata Premier DDR5 4800MHz 8GB UDIMM Memory RAM

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ADATA DDR5 Memory Module provides faster performance for the next generation of PCs. With the potential to load, edit, render and analyze large data faster than the previous generation, making DDR5 a great choice for your next build.
More Protection Against Error
Previously only available to server-grade memory, DDR5 now comes with On-die ECC (Error Correction Code) to provide additional protection against single-bit errors inside DDR5 arrays.
Lower Power Consumption
ADATA DDR5 utilizes on-module voltage regulation with a power management integrated circuit (PMIC), resulting in better signaling. In addition, DDR5 operates at only 1.1V, a close to 30% power consumption reduction to DDR4.**
Ascending from DDR4
DDR5 doubles the number of bank groups while keeping the number of banks per bank group the same. This improves the overall system efficiency and increase the memory access availability.

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