Glorious Coil Cable – USB-C With Aviator Connectors


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The Glorious Coil Cable with USB-C and Aviator Connectors is a premium cable designed to connect your mechanical keyboard to your computer.
What sets it apart is its unique and stylish design, making it a statement piece for your keyboard setup.
It’s not just a functional cable but also a customizable accessory.
USB-C Connectivity: The cable features a USB-C connector on one end, which is commonly used for modern mechanical keyboards and devices.
It ensures a secure and reliable connection.
Aviator Connectors: Aviator connectors are a distinct feature of this cable.
They are quick-release connectors that allow you to easily detach and reattach the cable from your keyboard without needing to unplug the USB-C end from your computer.
This feature adds convenience and flexibility to your setup.
Coil Design: The cable is coiled, giving it a distinctive and retro look reminiscent of vintage keyboard cables.
The coiled design not only adds visual flair but also helps manage cable length, reducing clutter on your desk.

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