Glorious GMMK Pro 75% Switch Plate



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The Glorious GMMK Pro 75% Switch Plate is an essential part of the GMMK Pro keyboard, designed for enthusiasts and mechanical keyboard users who value customization and versatility.
This switch plate serves as the foundation for your key switches, allowing you to create a unique typing experience tailored to your preferences.
Compatibility: The switch plate is specifically designed for the Glorious GMMK Pro 75% mechanical keyboard. It is not only compatible with the keyboard’s layout but also provides the necessary support for mounting key switches.
Customization: One of the standout features of the GMMK Pro is its hot-swappable key switches.
The switch plate allows you to easily insert and remove key switches without soldering, providing the freedom to experiment with different switch types and configurations.
Build Quality: The switch plate is typically constructed from durable materials to ensure stability and longevity.
It provides a sturdy foundation for your key switches.

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